Monday, April 7, 2008

Ridin The Western '08

Coming up this Saturday LIVE from Victoria Park. You may remember Victoria Park from such ultimate tournament as Mixed Nats 2006, and Southern Uni Games 2006. Only difference now being that there was grass back then. For all the rain at Mixed Nats 06, I don't think there's been any since.

So who's coming?

Ballaware - It only took the better part of five years, but BUUF finally has enough people around for an alumni team. Closely resembles the Ballfornia lineup at Albert Park this season. Will make virtually no attempt to take the day seriously, but will probably go close to winning because of that.

GFUC - Stands for Geelong Frolf & Ultimate Club. While there has always been a small pocket of players in Geelong, the last few weeks have finally seen a regular time and place for a pickup game, and all reports say they are getting quite a turnout. Won't set the world on fire, but it'll be good for the newbies to get out as a team.

Hairy MUF & Trimmed MUF - Monash have recruited well this year and plan to send two teams. Rather than being bastards and having an A/B split so they can win the thing they are sending two even teams.

BUUF - Virtually the whole side (save for 3 or 4) will be rookies playing their first or second tournament. A good opportunity to "blood the youngsters".

Vintage - Tom Rogacki scared the crap out of everyone by assembling a team of Chilly/Ishtar veterans to come and play. However they are simply a group of friends coming up for a weekend away with some ultimate in between.

Team Cool - All the Victorian-based juniors from the Thunder/Terra training squads. Could very well win the weekend since they don't drink.

Melbourne Uni - Has also recruited quite well and will be bringing several rookies up for their first taste of a tournament.

Still waiting to hear from LaTUF and Deakin. Slackers!

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