Monday, November 3, 2008

Putting the 'fun' in 'student services funding'

Anyone who was at uni between 2004-2006 will know about VSU and the impact on services provided to students by student-run organisations (aka unions, guilds). Now there's fantastic news...

Story sourced from around about here

Government plan to charge university students compulsory fee

STUDENTS will have a say in how planned compulsory services fees are distributed, universities say.

Under the Federal Government plan, universities will be allowed to charge the fee, capped at $250 a year, from July next year to help fund sporting facilities, child care, counselling and other student services.

But voluntary student unionism, introduced by the previous Howard government, will remain in place.

Universities Australia, which represents the nation's 38 universities, says students will have input in how fees are spent.

"We think it will be very important for the universities to be able to direct the funding to what's most needed,'' Universities Australia chief executive Glenn Withers said to ABC Radio.

"The announcement also requires significant improvement in student advocacy and representation ... The two will go hand in hand.

"We don't step back from that in any way. The student voice is absolutely crucial for communication for us understanding what the students want at management levels at university.''

How does this affect ultimate? Sports associations (in some cases, particularly at smaller unis) are very likely to score some of those funds in addition to the AUS funding they get. To quote a uni admin type from earlier in the year - "the sports association just got a big sack with a dollar sign on the front full of money, and I intend to get my hands on as much of it as I can." Get yourselves some funding for equipment purchases or coaching or "elite development" (roadie to Bathurst for Stampede III).

We might even see the cost of AUG next year reduced.

A little bit.



Twatson said...

Thats good news.

I hear that the ANU is already cranking up its funding for clubs, with other sources of money.

They saw the ANU frisbee club's numbers drop from 60 to 17 over this year and are really keen to help the new exec return the club to those levels.

They have offered to pay or help pay for a shipment of discs with their branding on it, so that is an awesome opportunity for the ANU club...

Anyway, I watch on with great interest and consider enrolling in bogus spanish courses...

Jangles said...

QUT will hopefully fix our fields which will mean we can start our beginners league and pick up again.

As for the club itself this year saw the biggest exodus and recruitment in our short history with one returning member of the uni games team from last year.

We have been boosted in fame at the uni with 2 awards. Sam bird scored herself manger of the year and the ultimate team voted the worst team in QUT history. Bamm!!