Sunday, June 14, 2009

New addition to the right - Ultimate Frisbee in the UK

There never seems to be much online news coming out of the UK. A bloke called Dave is hoping to change that. I've added his blog to the illustrious list to your immediate right. Have a read.

The UK Tour is an amazing concept and sounds incredibly difficult to pull off. 17 women's teams and 50 open teams! All in one weekend. Well, a few different weekends. The Tour is made up of 3 events over the 3 summer months, that then culminates in UK Nationals.

I'd love to see this in Australia, but with the UK being a much, much smaller country and subsequently lower travel costs it is easier to run over there. Maybe implement something like this on state-based scale? I remember something being done in NSW a couple of summers ago (Summer Series Of Fun or something like that). Maybe I'll have a look at a Victorian one this year.

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