Saturday, June 14, 2008

Geelong League

Dan's update on the vic-ultimate email list was more substantial than mine. Here it is....

We have been under lights at Highton Reserve, Geelong for 5 weeks now. We spent two of those weeks continuing to recruit and establish four set teams for the inaugural Geelong Ultimate League season. On Tuesday night over 40 players rocked up and posed for a photo for the local paper to further publicise Highton Reserve as the new Tuesday night hang out in Geelong. As of Tuesday night each of the teams now have a distinctive printed uniform shirt designed and printed by Grunt and some of the local players. Many of the young faces lit up as they received their very first frisbee shirt before the game.

This Tuesday I drove down a little early and ran a free training session at 4pm-5:15pm for any of the players that were keen. This will be happening again next Tuesday, 4pm @ Wandana Oval.

Round 3 was run and won on Tuesday night and all the teams have now played each other once.

Let's have a quick look at the teams...

Flying High (Red)
One of the two really young teams, they are led by Lewis Broad and Peter Nixon. Flying High scored there first win for the season against Ballarat on Tuesday night.
Watch for: Bec Wells running deep.

Ballabama (Blue)
Leave the Ballarat Uni car park at 5:30pm to count down the km's to Geelong each Tuesday. These guys are mostly happy that they have a new McDonald's to hang out at after playing Ultimate. None of us ever really liked the Ring Rd on the way back from Albert Park.
Watch for: First pass of the offence point to go backwards, second pass to be hucked for the goal.

Yoghurt Slingers (Green)
The other really young GFUC team. With Jake-As at the helm this team plays with great spirit. In a couple of years the Victorian university teams will be fighting it out to get Maddy and Ainslie on their roster. Each week they carve it up in the middle.
Watch for: Either Andrew Berry's backhand or Jae Atkinson's flick... probably best to just force straight up eh?

Vintage (White)
A team compiled of ex-GFUC players lured back to relearn their flicks and play in an organised competition. This team has lots to prove to the new generation of young Geelong kids. It's great to see a new old face turn up each week.
Watch for: Dave Pelletier pretending to not be interested in throwing the goal.

These were the scores for Round 3:

Flying High 14 defeated Ballabama 12
Vintage 15 defeated Yoghurt Slingers 3

And the Ladder after 3 Rounds:

Flying High12313979.49
Yoghurt Slingers12243863.16
Note from Simon: "Check out my fucken maaad HTML skillz!"

I probably better go get the Big Wet organised now.


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