Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's like Urbandictionary

Dear BUUF Newbie,

You may have noticed that this sport seems to have it's own lingo. And you may be perplexed occasionally as to what some of the terms we yell refer to. Here is a guide to help you out at the next training or game.

Backhand: the way people normally throw the disc.

Bid: an attempt to catch that didn't work, but looked really awesome.

Blade: a throw that's more vertical than horizontal. see: Mixed throw.

Break: what you're not allowed to let the thrower do.

Brick: a spot on the field to start play from when...actually never mind, you shouldn't be getting the pull anyway.

Chilly: (1) don't pick up the disc (2) the enemy.

Clear: get out of the way. Just run to where the disc isn't.

"Crocodiles, not lobsters."/"Two hands for beginners": Stop trying to catch the disc like a tennis ball.

Cut: run somewhere where your defender isn't standing.

Drop: stop stall counting and back off. see: zone.

Dump: you don't always have to throw it forward, you know.

Forehand: the other, fancy looking throw that you can't do yet.

Force: stopping the thrower from throwing to one side of the field. NO! NOT THAT WAY! THE OTHER WAY!

Gratuitous: totally not necessary.

Hammer: a third, really fancy throw that you don't have a license to do yet.

Handler: the people on the team who use their throwing abilities as an excuse to not run.

Heckle: the opposite of encourage.

High release: those throws that Woodley does that are really hard to catch.

Home/away: Home is the side of the field where your bags are. Away is where they aren't. It's nothing to do with which direction Ballarat is.

Huck: every third throw.

Layout: something you don't need to worry about unless we're playing up north.

Man D: see that player I'm pointing at? Never leave their side!

Mark: (1) defending the person with the disc (2) what Woodley becomes when he is sober.

Mixed throw: a phrase coined by Dan Rule to describe any throw that deviates from a straight line by more than three metres.

Pick: a stoppage of play that gets called when someone forgets who they are defending.

Poach: what Troy does on defence.

Pommy: same as puppy.

Popper: someone who makes lots of noise against a zone defence.

Puppy: same as pommy.

Read: to be able to judge where the disc is going to land.

Sky: catching the disc in the air over someone else.

Spirit: a score given to your team by your opponents that is an arbitrary measure of how much of a dick you were/weren't.

Stack: the bit in the middle of the field where players who don't have the disc gather.

Zone: the defence that we switch to when either a) the other team can't throw very well, or b) their receivers are running too much.

If you have any questions, ask Greta.

Simon (angry guy with the headband)


Nathan said...

"huck" and "forehand" were the best ones although it was pretty funny all up also i'm feel compelled to encourage anyone who plays frisbee because we gotta stick together right because sure the 'cool' kids at school pay us out but we know what's what amirite guys

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