Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Unwritten Laws of Ultimate

Law 1
When sending the disc back after a foul, it will never reach the original thrower on the first attempt.

Law 2
90% of endzone plays called during a time out will result in a turnover.

Law 3
i) If a team's sideline players are counting passes out loud, the zone is going to transition to man.
ii) If only one player is counting, they either didn't hear the play or don't get the concept.

Law 4
A team's performance at the party is inversely proportional to how much they talked themselves up during the day.

Law 5
A player who calls more than three picks in a game has had the rule explained to them for the first time in the last week.

Law 6
i) Calling a D line when your team is on O is surprisingly effective.
ii) Calling an O line when your team is on D will result in the other team scoring.

Law 7
If no one remembers the score, it automatically becomes 7-7.

Law 8
The second pass in a Ballarat string play must go backwards. The only exception is when the first pass goes backwards, in which case the second pass must be a huck.

Law 9
The player on the other team wearing Skins is either the best player or the worst player. Never in between.

Law 10
The volume of a player's voice during a foul argument is directly proportional to how full of shit they are.

I'm sure there's more.


wetnose said...

All so true, except maybe number 7.

jdr said...

Yes, I would've gone with, "If nobody knows what the score is, then we must be up by 2."

Owen said...

The team that can only field 6 players at a league game will dominate the first half of that game. And probably go on to win.